My video work

I love making interview-style web videos for small businesses and charities. Since I work alone, I use a simple setup: just enough camera, lighting, and audio equipment to make the interviewee look and sound great. My objective is to make sure the speaker is in focus, well lit, in front of a slightly blurry background whenever possible, and always with great audio.

I usually shoot in 4K, though most of my output is published on the web in HD (1080p). For years I used Vegas Video Pro to edit my videos, but in the last few years, I've switched back to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Similarly, for years I mostly used Sound Forge to edit my audio, but more recently I've been also been using Adobe Audition.

For software demonstration videos, I use Camtasia Studio to record and edit my screen captures.

And, I occasionally use Adobe After Effects to tweak a lower third or a transition that I've purchased.

Click the slideshow (or here) to see my current gear list.

Examples of my videos

Title: "Introducing DynaSCAPE Software"
Created: 2014
Client: DynaSCAPE Software Corp.

With more than twenty-six thousand views to date, this is probably my most-seen video. Unlike most of my other videos, which are interview-style, this one is a company profile. I wrote the script, compiled and edited the footage, recorded some of the software sequences with Camtasia Studio, and posted the final video on YouTube.


Titles: "Rudhro's Story" & "Thelma's Story"
Created: 2019
Client: Asthma Canada

Two examples of a series of Public Service Announcement (PSA) videos that I made for Asthma Canada. I recorded the interviews and edited the videos. 30-second versions of these PSAs have been broadcast on national television stations in Canada.

Title: "Academy for Lifelong Learning: Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary!"
Created: 2016
Client: The Academy for Lifelong Learning

I recorded the interviews, edited the video, and posted it on YouTube.


Title: "About Best Light Communication’s Writing and Editing Services"
Created: 2014
Client: My own small business

In this video I'm pitching the writing and editing services that I offer through my freelance business, Best Light Communication. I recorded it, edited it, and posted it on Vimeo.


Title: "DynaSCAPE Design & Manage360: What 3 landscape professionals like the most"
Created: 2013
Client: DynaSCAPE Software Corp.

I conducted and recorded the interviews, edited the video, and posted it on YouTube.


Title: "Lotek Video Camera Collars for Wildlife"
Created: 2011
Client: Lotek Wireless Inc.

I recorded, edited, and posted it on YouTube.
(Also, that's me in the Bigfoot costume at the 3:10 mark in the video 🙂 )


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