My video work

I love making interview-style web videos for small businesses and charities. Since I work alone, I use a simple setup with only the camera, lighting, and audio equipment I need to make the interviewee look and sound great. My objective is to make sure the subject is in focus, well lit, in front of a slightly blurry background whenever possible, and always with great audio.

I usually shoot in 4K, though most of my output is published on the web in HD (1080p). For years I used Vegas Pro to edit my videos, but in the last year or so, I've switched back to Adobe Premiere Pro.

Similarly, for years I mostly used Sound Forge to edit my audio, but more recently I've been turning to Adobe Audition as my main audio-editing tool.

For software demonstration videos, I use Camtasia Studio to record and edit my screen captures.

And, I occasionally use Adobe After Effects to tweak a lower third or a transition that I've purchased.

Click the slideshow (or here) to see my current gear list.

Examples of my videos

Title: "Introducing DynaSCAPE Software"
Created: 2014
Client: DynaSCAPE Software Corp.

With more than 24,000 views to date, this is probably my most-seen video. This one is a company profile, not interview-style. I wrote the script, compiled and edited the footage, recorded some of the software sequences with Camtasia Studio, and posted the final video on YouTube.

Titles: "Rudhro's Story" & "Thelma's Story"
Created: 2019
Client: Asthma Canada

Two examples of a series of PSA videos that I made for Asthma Canada. I recorded the interviews and edited the videos.

Title: "Academy for Lifelong Learning: Celebrating Our 25th Anniversary!"
Created: 2016
Client: The Academy for Lifelong Learning

I recorded the interviews, edited the video, and posted it on YouTube.

Title: "About Best Light Communication’s Writing and Editing Services"
Created: 2014
Client: My own small business

In this video I'm pitching the writing and editing services that I offer through my freelance business, Best Light Communication. I recorded it, edited it, and posted it on Vimeo.

Title: "DynaSCAPE Design & Manage360: What 3 landscape professionals like the most"
Created: 2013
Client: DynaSCAPE Software Corp.

I recorded the interviews, edited the video, and posted it on YouTube.

Title: "Lotek Video Camera Collars for Wildlife"
Created: 2011
Client: Lotek Wireless Inc.

I recorded, edited, and posted it on YouTube.
(Also, that's me in the Bigfoot costume at the 3:10 mark in the video 🙂 )

Just another normal day on a video shoot!

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