Hello and welcome! I'm a writer, communication specialist, and small business owner working remotely from my office in Toronto, Canada.

On this website, I'm offering my copywriting and technical writing services. If you need a website, please visit me at Best Light Communication.

Do you need help crafting the wording of a message that's important to you? I've been helping businesses and charities to communicate clearly and effectively, and thereby to grow and to thrive, for over 35 years. Click this big blue button to read some samples of my work:

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Frank Herr

Finding the right words

As a freelance writer, my job is to help you express yourself clearly and eloquently. Throughout my career, my employers and clients have told me that I “get it” – I understand what they’re trying to communicate, and I put it into words that accurately express what they want to say.

In my view, the writer’s job is

  • to present the subject or topic in the clearest and best light;
  • to explain without assuming any prior knowledge of the topic; and
  • if persuasion is required, to persuade honestly: state the truth with clarity, conviction, and enthusiasm.

Great writing should both demonstrate and foster clear thinking. It should also get out of the way: the best writing calls attention to the subject or message, not to itself.


Value-Added Skills

This may be of interest to you if your project requires a writer who can also do graphic design or photography. Throughout my writing and marketing career, I have also done video, photography, graphic design, and web design work for my clients and employers. Click below to see examples: