Need help finding the right way to describe something that's important to you?

I bring over 30 years of communication experience to your next writing project.

I’m a freelance writer and small business owner living in Toronto, Canada. Previously, I was the marketing manager and creative jack-of-all-trades for several small companies and charities, where my creative output included copywriting, web design, graphic design, product photography, and video filming & editing. Here's my LinkedIn profile.

Trying to apprehend a hat thief!


Throughout my career, writing and teaching have always been my strongest skills. I was editor of my high school newspaper, I wrote about cell biology in university, and in the past 30+ years of my career, I’ve done extensive business, copy, and technical writing. I also have many years of teaching, explaining, and public speaking experience.


Merriam-Webster defines copy as "something considered printable or newsworthy" or "text especially of an advertisement" (source). My copywriting helps my clients to deliver their messages to their customers in three essential ways: clearly, convincingly, and credibly. Over the years, on their behalf, I've written copy for brochures, websites, video scripts, corporate profiles, mission statements, product sheets, news releases, case studies, newsletters, blog posts, ads, company slogans, direct mail, and even a promotional children’s book.

Technical writer

"Frank can explain the complex. He gets it."

I've often been told that I have a talent for explaining complex and technical concepts in ways that make them easier to understand. When I write user documentation, I strive above all for clarity in the writing, and consistency in the style.

I also believe that marketing language and sales pitches have no place in technical documents, as their purpose is to explain and to help, not to convince. Presumably, once the customer is reading the documentation, that job has already been done.